Managing your EyeOnWater: What can your Smart Meter do for you?

The EyeOnWater portal and mobile app can help you review your water usage on a daily basis, assist with the detection of water leaks, and even allow you to set up automated leak detection alerts. Residents can keep their water expenses down using the smart meters that were installed by Regional Water and Emerald Forest Utility District.

Getting Started

Download the EyeonWater app and register through the website.

Once residents register for the service, make certain to set up a leak alert. Leak alerts will help you identify when water consumption rises dramatically. A leak alert notification can help residents save water by advising them when to investigate possible water leaks. This can help residents save money on their water bills by fixing dripping faucets, changing irrigation and watering schedules, or adjusting the autofill settings on pools.

For additional help and information on how to create and account, view your water usage or set up leak alerts, please visit the Eye on Water Help site.

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